Vbarre Cardio Bootcamp Bundle

$ 24.99 $ 29.98

Burn calories and tone up with the Vbarre Cardio Bootcamp Bundle!

Includes Vbarre Bootcamp Blast and Vbarre Burn (normally $14.99 each!) to keep your body guessing at your workout and your metabolism revved.


Vbarre Bootcamp Blast

Come enlist in Vbarre Bootcamp Blast! This program is a non-stop interval based workout. By merging Vbarre with intervals of calorie-busting cardio, this workout will kick your butt! You've received your marching order... now fall in, and let's push your body to the limit!

Instructor: Veronica Combs

Running Time: 40:00 minutes


Vbarre Burn

This workout definitely amps up the cardio! By utilizing additional glide board exercises coupled with body chiseling choreography, Vbarre Burn turns up the volume on your workout. Come sweat, sculpt, and feel the burn!

Instructor: Veronica Combs

Running Time: 55:00 minutes

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